Knowledge saves lives

The more aware you are of mental health, the better you will be able to take care of both yourself and people around you. Better knowledge of the subject results in reducing existing prejudices and creating acceptance and openness.

Never Alone – The book

Every six hours, someone in Sweden commits suicide. These are human tragedies, which in many cases could have been prevented. Never Alone is the book that breaks the silence about mental illness and opens up conversation about this taboo topic. Everyone suffers from mental illness at some point, yet no one dares to talk about it. We have to start talking about it!

Nobody should have to live with mental illness in secret. With the book Never Alone, Charlie Eriksson wants to break the ice so that more people dare to seek help. This book needs to be in every home in Sweden.

The Book

“Unfortunately, we don’t think he’ll survive”
It’s a beautiful fall evening at the end of September 2013. Charlie’s body is on a cold stretcher in the intensive care unit at the county hospital in Kalmar. His parents have just received the call from the doctor, a call that nobody wants to receive — a call where they say that their son will die.
A few hours earlier, Charlie had a severe panic anxiety attack and strong suicidal thoughts. In the moment of confusion, he takes an overdose of painkillers and sedatives to get rid of the anxiety, to feel calm, perhaps also to die. Charlie is an ordinary, healthy 22-year-old who wants to stop living and leave his parents, brothers, relatives, friends, classmates and teammates forever.

In Never Alone, entrepreneur Charlie Eriksson, 25, talks about his own journey and the experiences of mental illness he shares with many other young people. The aim of the book, the project Never Alone and his talks, is to break the silence and get more people to seek help in time.


Author: Charlie Eriksson, Ullakarin Nyberg and Peder Björling
Language: Swedish
Number of pages: 152
Designer: Renée Lundvall
Publisher: Lava Förlag
ISBN: 9789188529183
Published: 2017-08
Edition: 1
Weight: 380 g

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