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The shirt was freshly pressed, the watch was shiny, the grades were on top and he had made a name for himself in his college town. Yet he was sitting on a bench, bawling his eyes out. Charlie Eriksson had experienced a panic attack. Anxiety that led to several suicide attempts and trips to the psychiatric emergency room. Today, Charlie Eriksson, nominated to “Swedish Heroes,” holds coveted and touching talks on mental illness. Anyone can suffer from it. But you’re never alone.

Our lives seem increasingly happier on social media and similar, but the fact is that mental illness is on the rise. Charlie Eriksson is passionate about spreading knowledge about mental illness and making others dare to seek help in time. During his talks, you’ll discover the warning signs in yourself and in people around you – before it may be too late.

Charlie Eriksson is and has always been very ambitious. He did sports, maintained high grades, had many friends and clear goals in life. Suddenly, everything stopped on a park bench in Kalmar. For the first time, panic had taken him in its grip, as it would do several more times. As a cry for help, he took large amounts of pills, and at one point, he was very close to losing his life. This despite the fact that he loved life.

What Charlie Eriksson had needed was more knowledge about mental illness. There was nothing wrong with his heart as it raced in his chest, he wasn’t going crazy. Mental illness can affect anyone, at any time. That’s why Charlie Eriksson founded “Never Alone”, a platform where others can get information about mental illness and help putting their experiences into words.

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“Charlie Eriksson mesmerized a crowded Theater Forum in Köping on Wednesday evening with a topic so sensitive that it’s almost unthinkable to talk about.”

“When a crowded room with 450 high school students is so quiet that you can hear the paint dry, then it’s a world-class performance.”

“Everyone should get the opportunity to see Charlie Eriksson speak. It’s a life saver.”

Nominations / Awards

Sweden’s Communicators – The Great Communicator Award
Business of the Week 101 Super Talents – Influencer

SEB – Social Entrepreneur of the Year
The golden wheel
SAJ – Lecturer of the year
Swedish heroes
Entrepreneurs – Young CEO of the Year

SAJ – This year’s breakthrough as a lecturer
Entrepreneurs – Young CEO of the Year
Göran Bredinger Scholarship
KPMG – Future leader of the year
The King’s Foundation – Young Leadership

Entrepreneurs – Young entrepreneurs of the year
Entrepreneurs – Young CEO of the Year
Swedish heroes
Skandia – Ideas for life
Business Model Awards
Hallands Nyheter – This year’s effort
Göran Bredinger Scholarship
Shortcut – 100 upstarts
Mid Sweden University – Social Entrepreneur of the Year